Mobile Classifieds App Grabio Guarantees Every Listing Will Sell

ImageGrabio, an iPhone app for location based classifieds, just announced via Twitter and Facebook; a new guarantee that they will offer. The guarantee states that if you list an item on Grabio, and it doesn’t sell, Grabio will give you 5 dollars. Horatiu Boeriu the founder said, “a while back we raised some money to fund a guarantee like this. We’ve gotten a little traction in Chicago and thought it a good way to incentivize a little more engagement out of our users that look but don’t list.”

The guarantee has a few stipulations. The item has to be posted within 50 miles of the Chicagoland area, has to be listed for at least 30 days and the guarantee can only be exercised once.

There are several start-ups trying to gain market share in the realm of online classifieds; which has thus far been dominated by Craigslist. None have had much success pulling users away from Craigslist however. Craigslist users seem to be fine with the lack of a location based mobile app, thumbnails on site, user profiles and ratings; which is what companies like Grabio try to offer.

Could a monetary guarantee on the listing do the trick?

How Many Downloads Can An App Get While Piggybacking the Success of Another App?

A while back I created an iPhone app called Popular Brands. It is a logo guessing game. The app shows a small portion of a logo and slowly zooms out and the player trys to guess what the company is before it zooms all the way out. The downloads were not impressive, getting around 10 a day. But one day about 3 weeks ago, it got 50, the next day 100, the day after that 200. On those same days, the iAd revenue went 50 cents, 1 dollar, 2 dollars.  Read more of this post

Is Not Knowing How to Explain Your Product a Good or Bad Thing?

This month a product launches from a company called Resultly ( up with all the tech companies using libyan domains). The homepage contains literally no information about what the site will do. It has a picture of a robot in a rocket and a form to enter your email address to get an invite. Thats it. Even the creator of the site Ilya Beyrak admits in an interview on The Next Web that he has trouble describing what Resultly is. He goes on to sum it up as a, “Google Alerts for the entire internet”; which seems vague, mysterious and lofty. Read more of this post

Groupon Last Minute Pulls Plug On April Fools Joke Due To Revised 4Q Earnings

On Friday, Groupon released a statement to investors and press that they would be revising their 4th quarter earnings. The revision states that the companies earnings are weaker than previously announced. Apparently, an accounting practice used to predict future Groupon refunds, greatly underestimated future refunds by several millions of dollars. The news hit after the market was already closed and Groupon was trading at 18.38. To the newly publicly traded company, Monday could bring a 30% drop.  Read more of this post

The Album Is Dead

I was explaining how the program spotify works to a friend the other day and realized that the program fulfills every single musical need that I have or will ever have.  I may never have to buy another piece of music again, let alone an album.

Even before spotify, the album was steadily declining in popularity.  As music was available to be purchased in single servings, there was no more need to buy the whole restaurant.  So what can artists do to cope with this change?  Are we headed for a world where music is simply a list of tracks by an artist?  Read more of this post

New iPad: Storage, The Most Important Spec That Didn’t Get A Bump

The new iPad 3 is released tomorrow the 16th of March. As a consumer that is right on the fence about purchasing it; I’ve gone back and forth weighing the pros and cons. It has the same form factor as the 2. The iPad 3 is basically a spec bump update; camera to 5 megapixels, processor to A5X, the screen to a retina display of 2048 x 1536 resolution. But absolutely no bump to the internal 16GB storage (base model); which is strange for a couple reasons. Read more of this post

Current Video Game Requirement: Giving Up On Life

I love video games. I am not the NES generation, but the Sega Genesis and SNES generation. I grew up in a world where Sonic and Mario dominated the consoles. Video game playing was a casual endeavor. You played for an hour here or there and enjoyed the experience. Things have changed and not to sound like a bitter old man, but they have changed for the worse.

Games nowadays require weeks of dedicated effort in order to fully enjoy. Gone are the days of simply being able to play for an hour and get total satisfaction. Read more of this post